Chapter 6-3 Part 3 – Resident Evil 5 Guide


Chapter 6-3 Part 3 – Resident Evil 5 Guide

Wesker will dodge your attacks like he did last time, especially if you shoot him in a lit area. To avoid this, take your rocket launcher and try to flank

Resident Evil 5 | Chapter 6 – 3 | S Rank

Resident Evil 5 HD: Chapter 6-3 Walkthrough FINALE ( Veteran Difficulty )

Today we End Resident Evil 5 on a high note by Putting a stop to wesker’s evil plan of world Genocide and keeping the peace of the earth.

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Resident evil 5 playthrough part 16 Chapter 6-3 Bridge deck + Final boss battles

Sixteenth and last part of my Resident Evil 5 playthrough complete with cutscenes played on xbox360 captured using Elgato game capture 720p HD

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Resident Evil 5 – Walkthrough – Chapter 6-3 Part 3/4_Rank S

Resident Evil 5: part 3 6-3 mission
Walkthrough RE5 in HQ = high quality
system/internet platform = PlayStation 3
player: Giuseppe

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