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Pokemon Gold Version

Everything you need to know about Pokemon Gold Version.

Pokémon Gold and Silver Retrospective

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Taking a thorough look at Johto’s design for about an hour because I feel like it and I can.

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Pokémon Gold and Silver Generation 2 Retrospective KingK

Pokémon Gold Silver and Crystal (Nintendo GameBoy Color) – Retro Game Review – Tamashii Hiroka

Today Tamashii reviews Pokémon Gold Silver and Crystal for the Nintendo GameBoy Color, games that recently the general public have turned on. Are these Pokemon games as good as we remember or are we blinded by nostalgia? How do they stack up when compared to modern games like Pokemon Sun and Moon?

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Special thanks to Serebii Joe for being such a good sport and making a cameo in this video. While we may not agree on every single thing, he is a very cool dude.
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All Version Differences in Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal

It’s time to move on to Johto and take a look at all of the version differences there! Please watch to the end of the video too! There’s something that I would really appreciate feedback on.

*I remembered that I forgot to talk about the different intros in the video… I hope you can forgive me! I’ll be sure to remember them next time.

*The image showing National Park’s added fountain disappeared when I was rendering for some reason. Here it is though! http://www.spriters-resource.com/resources/sheets/9/9200.png

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Pokémon Silver for Game Boy Color ᴴᴰ Full Playthrough

This is our true HD (1440p 60fps) complete walkthrough of Pokémon Silver for Game Boy Color. This shows the entirety of the story of the game from start to finish using the solo Feraligatr speedrun route. Note that this walkthrough itself is not intended to be a speedrun, this route was only taken to make the walkthrough more enjoyable to watch.

Please note that these playthroughs are not done in one sitting and are often made with multiple takes. There is a lot of soft resetting in areas that is not shown on-screen, such as soft resetting for the starter, or re-doing risky battles as some examples that would otherwise make the video drag out longer than necessary.

Text Language: English

Pokémon Silver for Nintendo Game Boy Color
Published by Nintendo
Developed by Game Freak
Released on November 21, 1999

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